Our Plan for Success!

The goal of our online marketing strategy is to create demand among multiple qualified buyers so they compete to buy your home.

Custom Website for Your Home

The core of our marketing strategy is your custom website. With its unique website address, buyers have direct access to HD photos and information about your property.

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Your Online Commercial

We'll produce a full-motion virtual tour that will be featured on your website and also broadcast to key real estate search sites.

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HD Panoramic Tours

If you desire, we'll produce a panoramic tour for the main rooms of your property. This is a dynamic way to give depth and perspective to your home, allowing buyers to imagine living here.

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Aerial Photography and Mapping

Another key feature is pinpoint mapping with bird's eye aerial views from Bing and Google street views. These tools give buyers valuable information about your property and the surrounding area.

Mobile Marketing on Demand

We've reserved a unique text code for your home. Buyers can text to receive photos and information on their phone, and I will receive a text and I'll follow up. Try it, Text "##TEXT-NBR##" to 79564

QR Code for Your Property

Today's tech savvy consumer can scan this code to get photos and details about your property. We will produce a separate QR code to track the responses from the various media we use.

Custom Signage to Attract Buyers

A color sign, produced specifically to promote your home, features your text code, QR code and property website address. Drive-by buyers can get instant info with a quick scan or text.

Color Flyer for Buyers

Buyers can download and print a flyer about your property directly from your website. It includes the text code so they can quickly retrieve more photos and details on their phone.

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Broadcasting Your Property

Since 90% of homebuyers start their search online, we will market your property on key real estate sites!

Optimizing for Google

Through strategic use of meta tags, keywords and a unique SEO page coded just for your home, we help your property rank well in Google searches.

Your Home on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine online, so it's critical that your home is featured on this channel. Your video will be on YouTube within hours after we launch your website.

Tapping Social Networks

We make it easy for viewers to spread the word about your property through one-click buttons on your website for email and social posting.

Featured Property Status

To further draw buyers to your website, I will feature your property on my personal website, as well as my Facebook business page.

Reaching International Buyers

International buyers continue to invest in U.S. property. Your property will be accessible to them online, and your website can be instantly translated into eight languages.

Email Just Listed Announcement

To stimulate immediate interest in your home, we will email an announcement, with a link to your website, to key agents and buyers about the availability of your property.

Thank you for your time!

Please let me know what questions you have, and when we can get started marketing your property.